Field Study 3: Technology in the Learning Environment

Ate jHo & Me!

Ate jHo & Me!

Activity 3: Utilization of Teaching Aids

In this activity, I have learned that a particular lesson would be productive if it was presented together with some visual aids. Books, charts audio recordings, overhead transparencies & overhead  projector, pictures, models, realias, mock-ups, video tapes & electronic materials, these instructional materials could help to enliven the class, encouraged participation and helped students grasped abstract concepts with appropriate use.

Based from my observations, these resources helped to increase students’ interest. Through the use of these materials, I could see that students have something to see and to refer to when the class was going on. Students learned fast and they were able to understand difficult concepts easily. However, the use of these instructional materials needed careful selection because according to the Principle of  Teaching, the teacher must choose the material that best suits his or her instructional objectives. Therefore, teaching and learning process would be enjoyable & interisting if instructional materials would be properly selected.


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